LEP 2017 SCHEDULE   – UCLA, Sunset Village Covel Commons

AUGUST 31st, Thursday

10 am – 1 pm               Song Festival Rehearsal , Grand Horizon

11 am -6 pm                Registration, Study Lounge

11 am – 6 pm               Art Gallery, Study Lounge

11 am – 10.30 pm        Kids room, South Bay

2pm – 4pm                   Tartu Rahvaülikooli Džässkoori kontsert, Grand Horizon

6 pm -10 pm               Opening Soiree, Grand Horizon

10 pm – 2 am               Ö-klubi ,   Grand Horizon

Sept 1st Friday

8 am -8.30 am             Hommikupalvus, Grand Horizon

9 am -6 pm                  Registration, Study Lounge

9 am – 6 pm                 Art Gallery, Study Lounge

9.30am -10.30 am       Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas , Grand Horizon

10.30am -11.30 am     Estonian Companies Going Global Seminar presented by                                                      Enterprise Estonia  Silicon Valley,Andrus Viirg Grand Horizon

11 am – 10.30 pm        Kids room, South Bay

12.30pm-1.30am    EV 100 korraldustoimkonna juht Jaanus Rohumaa, Grand Horizon

1.30 pm-2.30 pm   Kultuuriministeeruum Piret Hartmann, Meelis Kompus Seminar                                          Grand Horizon

2.30  PM – 3.00 PM       Eesti Pillifond tutvustamine, Marje Lohuaru Grand Horizon                                               (

3  PM – 5 PM                Laulupeo Peaproov, Grand Horizon

6 PM – 8 PM                 Laulupidu, Grand Horizon

10 pm – 2 am               Ö-klubi ,   Grand Horizon

SEPT 2nd Saturday

8 am -8.30 am             Hommikupalvus, Grand Horizon

9 am -4 pm                  Registration, Study Lounge

9 am – 4 pm                Art Gallery, Study Lounge

9.30am -10.30 am       Future of Medicine, Michael Straumietis (aka Big Mike)

presented by Advanced Nutrients, Grand Horizon

10.30am-11.30am       Estonian Honorary Consuls Seminar, Grand Horizon

11 am – 10.30 pm        Kids room, South Bay

11.30am-12.30 pm      Estonia-Hollywood Seminar, presented by Advanced Nutrients, Grand Horizon

12.30pm -1.00 PM      “Estonians in America 1945-1995: Exiles in a Land of Promise”   presented by Estonian American National Council, Editor Priit Vesilind, Grand Horizon

1.00pm-1.45 pm         Ele Millistfer concert ( vocalist, pianist), Grand Horizon

3.30pm-4.00 pm         Estonian Pride Parade  to folk festival ( start in front of Covel Commons)

4 PM – 8 PM                 Folk Festival/Rahvapidu, Dickson Court North ( 0,5 mile walk, free transport are provided for those who need it)

10 pm – 2 am              Ö-klubi ,   Grand Horizon

SEPT 3rdSunday

8 am -8.30 am            Hommikupalvus, Grand Horizon

9 am -6 pm                Registration, Study Lounge

9 am – 6 pm                Art Gallery, Study Lounge

9 am – 10 am              EOLL Annual Meeting, Grand Horizon

10.00 am -10.45 am   KODA is a movable concrete house. It creates country bliss in city centers, gives more energy to grid than it consumes and can be combined into villages. Ülar Mark, architect urbanist and founder of KODASEMA, Grand Horizon

10.45 am – 11.00 am  Mery Crystal Ra, glass and lighting artist and painter. , Grand Horizon

11 am – 10.30 pm       Kids room, South Bay

11.00 am-12.20 pm    Weaving presentation by Katrin MacLean , Grand Horizon

12.30 pm-1.20 pm      Pärnu Segakoor “Endla” kontsert, Grand Horizon  ( Koori info )

1.30 pm – 2.15 pm      Monika-Evelin Liiv (mezzo-soprano) and Marje Lohuaru (piano) kontsert, Grand Horizon

3.00 pm – 6.00 pm  Kiino Villand, a photography exhibition , artist reception, , Study Lounge

2.30 pm – 4.30 pm      Theater “KIVILOMBI KABAREE”(Eesti ajaloo ja kultuuriteemaline etendus) NorthWest Auditorium (äitemängu-Selts-194878127196440/ )

4.30 pm – 1.15 am    Movies, NorthWest Auditorium

4.30 PM- 6.15 PM

Pretenders/ Teesklejad

6:20 PM- 7.50 PM

The Dissidents/Sangarid

8:00 PM- 9:37 PM

The Polar Boy/Polaarpoiss

9:45 PM – 11.20 PM

The Spy and The Poet/ Luuraja ja luuletaja

11:25 PM- 1.10 AM

The Days that Confused/Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse


6 pm -10 pm              Centennial Ball, Grand Horizon

10 pm – 2 am              Ö-klubi ,   Grand Horizon

Sept 4th, Monday

1 pm –   …                  Official Afterparty at the Los Angeles Estonia House

1306 W 24th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007

This schedule is subject to change. Changes, if necessary,will be updated here.


TEIE LEP 2017 toimkond


Honorary Consuls

World-wide, Estonia has over 200 honorary consuls. But, what is an honorary consul? Do their duties include anything other than attending parties? How does one become an honorary consul? Why aren’t all honorary consuls Estonian? Why do people agree to serve in this nonpaying position? A cross-section of Estonia’s North American Honorary Consuls will cover these and other questions in a panel discussion. They will also answer questions from the audience.

Confirmed participants are honorary consuls :

Mary Nippert from Cincinnati, Ohio

Richard Allan Horning from San Francisco, California.

Estonia’s senior honorary consul, Jaak Treiman of Los Angeles, will chair the panel.

This is a first time opportunity to find out more about the duties of honorary consuls and what they do in addition to delivering passports.


Future of Medicine

Advanced Nutrients, founded by Michael Straumietis (aka BigMike), is the #1 hydroponics nutrients company in the world—operating in 93 countries.

Advanced Nutrients is an international marketer and manufacturer of agricultural, home & garden, hydroponics fertilizers, and plant nutrients. As experts in plant nutrition and soil science, Advanced Nutrients team of Ph.D. scientists has manufactured the finest line of organic fertilizers and soil conditioning agents that improve plant nutrient uptake, organic beneficial bacteria’s that restore the natural balance of soil, and rooting and flowering formulas that will never harm the environment.Advanced Nutrients mission is to make the world passionate about growing plants hydroponically. Learn more about Advanced Nutrients at:

Michael Straumietis (aka BigMike), is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients the #1 hydroponics nutrients company in the world. BigMike, through his charity, Holiday Heroes, feeds over 26 thousand people in need each Easter and Christmas.
BigMike is also politically active starting the political party, Nova Bulgaria, in order to create real change in the corrupt government of Bulgaria and, recently, founded to fight for cannabis legislation reform and equal treatment of purveyors and consumers.
With the guidance of BigMike Advanced Nutrients also donated over a million dollars’ worth of nutrients to assist sick and dying patients, built a classroom in Uganda and constructed a grow room for CannaMoms, to allow children who suffer from conditions such as epilepsy and cancer access to the medicine they need. Advanced Nutrients along with BigMike lend seed money to individuals in developing countries who dream of starting a small business but lack the means to do so, donate heavily to the Marijuana Policy Project, and are spearheading MMJ Bulgaria, which advocates for medical marijuana legalization in Bulgaria.


Eesti Kultuur ja Eesti Keel välis-Eesti kogukondades

confirmed panelists :

Meelis Kompus- , kommunikatsiooniosakonna Kultuuriministeerium

Piret Hartman – kultuurilise mitmekesisuse asekantsler, Kultuuriministerium



Gudrun Giddings – Film/TV Producer and President of Swedish American Chamber of Commerce-LA

Neeme Kari – Director of Development and Partners Relations  The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Ivo Felt- producer Tangerines , The Fencer

Tõnis Kiis – Senior VP of International Distribution , Warner Bros

Juri Koll – festival director The Fine Arts Film festival, Venice California


Estonian Companies Going Global – presented by Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley

What is the Estonian secret sauce that brought us Skype and has inspired the development of a flourishing startup culture?

Does the e-Residency platform make Estonia the EU’s Delaware, the state where most of America’s technology firms are incorporated?

Please join us for this exciting discussion on the Estonian entrepreneurial phenomenon moderated by Andrus Viirg, Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley.


Opening SOIREE

Kaks aastat on möödunud ajast kui olime viimati koos meie LEP sõpradega Whistleris LEP2015 raames. Aeg on käes nendega uuesti kohtuda ja sõprusringi suurendada uute tutvustega. Õhtu algab kokteilitunniga, millele järgneb avatseremoonia, kus avamiseks on kutsutud kohalikud ning Eesti esindajad. Järgnevalt kantakse ette pidulik õhtusöök. Muusika eest hoolitseb Boogie Company koos Ivo Linnaga, muusikat saab nautida tantsu saatel. Nii peaks kujunema üks meeldejääv õhtu, millega alustada nädalalõppu.

Two years have passed since LEP 2015 in Whistler and the time is right to meet you LEP friends once again and to widen the circle with new acquaintances. The evening will begin with a cocktail reception, followed by the opening ceremony featuring local dignitaries as well as those from Estonia. A sit
down dinner will be served followed by an evening of music and dance featuring Ivo Linna, and Boogie Company. A perfect evening to start the weekend off right!

Läbi sajandeid on eestlased kinnitanud kultuurset ühtsust muusika ja lauluga. Aastal 2019 tähistab üldlaulupidu oma 150. aastapäeva.
Oleme laulev rahvas. Siin läänerannikul teeme samuti. Laulupidu on olnud keskne osa igast LEP kavast. Esineb ühendkoor, lauljad tulevad kohale Vancouverist, Seattle-ist, Portlandist, San Franciscost, Los Angelesest ning külalised mujaltki, kaasaarvatud lauljad kodumaalt.
Laulupeo Kava

Ameerika hümn: Star Spangled Banner (FS Key/JS Smith)

Eesti hümn: Mu Isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm (F. Pacius/JV Jannsen)

Koit (M. Lüdig/F. Kuhlbars; seade H. Siiak)

Kaunimad laulud (F. Säbelmann/P. Ruubel)

Ei saa mitte vaiki olla (M. Härma)

Sina, kena tammekene (V. Kapp/rahvaluule)

Meil aiaäärne tänaval… (K. Türnpu/L. Koidula)

Sireli, kas mul õnne? (G. Ernesaks)

Laul munamäel (KA Hermann/J. Kunder; seade T. Vettik)

Saaremaa valss (R. Valgre; seade J. Kukk)

Ela hästi, mu kodumaa (Saami rahvuslaul; seade K. Lindal)

Puudutus (T. Kõrvits/K. Ehin)

Oma saar (K. Tamra; seade A. Lemba)

Sind surmani (A. Kunileid/L. Koidula/A.Mattiisen/J. Leesment; seade R. Eespere)

Palve (T. Mägi/V. Kangur; seade R. Eespere)

Tuljak (M. Härma/KF Karlson)

Ta lendab mesipuu poole (P. Sarapik/J. Liiv)

Mu isamaa on minu arm (G. Ernesaks/L. Koidula)

Song Festival
Estonian culture is about song, and music has helped us to reaffirm our identity as Estonians for hundreds of years.  In fact, the 150th anniversary of the Song Festival in Estonia will take place in 2019. We sing.  It’s what we do, and it’s not different here on the west coast.  The Song Festival has been a central part of each West Coast Estonian Days program.  The choir will include singers from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and guest from other locations as well, including our friends from our homeland Estonia.
Rahvapeol saab nautida ilusat, sooja Kalifornia ilma vabas õhus UCLA ülikooli alal, mida ümbritseb rohelisus ning ülikooli kuulsamad õppehooned. Valitud rahvapeo ala, Dickson Court on praktiliselt “Royce Hall” varjus! Sööki ja jooki pakutakse pikniku miljöös, kavas on oodata rahvatantsu ja rahvuslikku muusikat.   Esinevad tantsijad läänerannikult ja külalised Eestist.
Folk Festival
The Folk Festival offers a chance to enjoy the warm California sun on the campus of UCLA, surrounded by lush greenery and several of the university’s most iconic buildings.  The festival will take place at Dickson Court, practically in the shadow of the famed Royce Hall!  Food and drink will be available in a picnic setting, with performances by folk dancers and featuring our Estonian music.  Performers include visiting dance troupes from the west coast as well as from Estonia.



Eesti Vabariik tähistab aastal 2018 oma 100. aastapäeva ning LEP on osa neist pidupäevadest. Tulge ja võtke osa sajandi ballist elegantses peosaalis, kus pakutakse peenemaid sööke ja jooke, tantsumuusikaks on külla kutsutud Eestist rockabilly ja swing muusika ansambel Boogie Company, oodatud on ka sooloesinejad. Kikilips ette! Pidulik kleit selga! Tantsukingad jalga! Olete kõik oodatud!

Centennial Ball

In 2018, Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary and the West Coast Estonian Days are part of the year’s worth of festivities.  Come celebrate Estonia’s 100th birthday in style at the Millennial Ball in elegant surroundings, featuring top-flight food and drink, with dance music from the Estonian rockabilly and swing band Boogie Company.  We are sure to have a few featured solo vocal performances as well.  Tie your bowtie! Pull on your party dress!  Put on your dancing shoes!



Kui vanemad võtavad osa seminaridest või laulu- ja tantsuproovidest, oleme mõelnud ka lastele leida tegevust. Sel aastal on lastetoa peasponsoriks “Angry Birds” ja koos nende abiga pakume lastele päeva jooksul huvitavat ja lõbusat tegevust. Toas saavad olema ka emad ja isad, kes aitavad tegevust organiseerida ning hoiavad lastel silma peal.

Kid’s Room

Lastetuba on avatud 11 a.m. – 10.30 p.m.
Enamuse aega on lastetuba tasuta ja avatud kõigile lastele koos vanematega.
Pakume käelist tegevust, mängimiseks lego klotsid ja mänguasjad, vaatamiseks Eesti lastefilmid.
Samuti on meil pakkuda alati vett ja vajadusel kõigile väike snäkk.
Suuremate ürituste ajal on võimalik lastehoiu teenus. Palun teenuse soovijatel võtta ühendust emailil
Hinnad: väikelaps (mähkmes) $20/h, koolieelik (3-5 a) $15/h, koolilaps $10/h
Neljapäeval, 31. augustil Opening Soiree ajal (6-10 p.l)
Reedel, 1. septembril Laulupidu (6-8 p.l)
Pühapäeval, 3. septembril Teater (3-5 p.l)
Pühapäeval, 3. septembril Ball (6-10 p.l)




See you in Los Angeles 2037!